i went to watch the forbidden kingdom last night and would recommend it. it’s based loosely on journey to the west, a chinese classic of the monkey king which i would classify as fantasy. the flim stars jet li and jacky chan, with some awesome fight choreography between the two men.

the filming definitely isn’t as breathtaking as crouching tiger or hero, per se, but it still offered glimpses of gorgeous chinese scenery from the terraced rice fields to towering bamboo forests. there are some cheesy romantic elements thrown in, alas. i’m all for romantic elements, but i felt it wasn’t handled as well as it could have been. but those moments were few in the movie and i found the rest entirely entertaining.

the best part of the movie is i’ve placed a face to my heroine. all this time, i haven’t had a clear idea of what my heroine looks like. i know, they say you should know everything about your characters but i could never picture her face. i don’t watch many asian movies, so my choices were limited to zhang zi yi or lucy liu, as far as american media goes.

i also didn’t want the typical anime round-eyed cute girl look that’s offered in so many canto / j / k pop music videos and fashion magazines. but this actress who played golden sparrow in forbidden kingdom brings to mind my heroine. i especially like her straight dark brows and the exquisite shape of her eyes.

thanks for visiting my new blog home! i’ve remained anon online for nearly a decade! but it’s time to come out of the name closet. i’m hoping to launch my website in time for the scbwi conference in august. so thought i’d start blogging under my name now as well. please update your links! xoxo

14 thoughts on “my heroine”

  1. Hellos!


    She does look cool. I still have to see that movie, I am woefully behind on film stuff.

  2. AW, it was the simplest template i could find. it’ll work for now. esp since it’s free! thanks for commenting! =D

    hey cat cat cat!! i know you’ll kick ass on the revisions!

  3. Welcome to the Stay-at-Home-Moms-Who Recently-Landed-Agents Club!

    Great new blog. I look forward to visiting often! (And reading your book, too, of course!)

  4. Congrats on getting an agent for your new YA series. That’s excellent news.

    As for Forbidden Kingdom, I saw it as well and it was okay, imo. Sort of a “kid’s story” dressed up as a fantasy epic and I don’t know if it worked for me. Had some lighthearted moments, but I think I was expecting some on a grander scale.

  5. lyn, i agree. it’s definitely less epic and has a certain juvenile feel to it. but what can i say? i’m easy. and i was happy to see anything within the genre i’m writing to be put to film–i’m a sucker for chinese scenery, costumes and landscapes.

  6. love the new place. it’s like your vacation condo away from home. :p and yay! i’m happy i have another link to stalk. hehe. :)

  7. welcome zay and gg!

    and gg, you know i have no skills with web design. haha! at least the links aren’t underlined, but that’s not of my own doing. ;*)

  8. I’ve been wanting to see that movie. Is is serious, or comedy? I thought with Jackie Chan in it it might be on the silly side. Which is OK; I just want to know what to expect.

    I thought Hero was amazing. Crouching Tiger left me baffled at the end, but I did love the interlude with the outlaw. (g)

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