very fun and full day today.
i started by writing at a cafe. then headed
to melissa marr’s signing at the mysterious
galaxy, where part of the brat pack (amy
and heather) met up with me.

it was lovely meeting melissa. she was more
petite than i imagined and so vivacious and
random and fun! she threw prizes at the audience
and i WON a beautiful black and purple wicked
lovely shirt in german! yes, be jealous. i squeed
much. ha!

then we headed to the ocean and had a
wonderful sunset picnic, the bubs played
ball with the love and i read (GIVE UP THE GHOST
by fellow 09 deb megan crewe) and enjoyed
an especially fragrant passion fruit tea. a near
perfect day, truly. this is the good life.

i also got confirmation finally for an OC signing.
not in los angeles but i hope LA friends can make
it :

orange county book signing
Bella Terra
7881 Edinger Ave. #110
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 897-8781

hooray! the nyc signing will be a month
later and i’ll confirm that probably in july.

also, i had no idea that my phone interview
on friday morning–which was wham bam fast
but super fun–could be heard online. thanks
to david for cluing me in two minutes before i
went on air. ha!

so i’ll be better about letting you know i have
a half hour podcast this coming thursday,
JULY 2 @ noon pacific. it’s hosted by suzanne
lieurance over at book bites for kids.

also added, my first teen book club discussion
and signing. i’m doing quite a few of these at
local libraries across the county. am especially
excited about them! first confirmed :

teen book club discussion / signing
MONDAY, AUGUST 2, 2009 @ 1pm
San Diego County Library, El Cajon
201 E. Douglas
El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 588-3713

and my neverending silver phoenix release contest
(ha!) is still taking place!! so links and reviews
are welcome! i made it to number 50 participants
last weekend but still have many to link on a post.
if only there were more hours in the day–i’d sleep
more. ha! =D

but seriously, tonight on my to do list :

1. write a blog post for enchanted inkpot about
fantasy tropes for this coming monday.

2. work on another batch of signed book plates
request–with some librarian requests which is
always yippees!

3. bills. i have to pay them and i keep putting it
off. boo.

i think i’ll probably only manage the bills tonight.
but i’m ever ambitious!!
enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

eta : come and discuss fantasy tropes over
at the enchanted inkpot!

10 thoughts on “a perfect saturday!”

  1. Melissa Marr’s books seems to be wonderful! And the picture is lovely!

    A lot of good luck and best wishes to your signing Cindy! =) Hope to read it at your blog!



  2. I wanted to go to Melissa’s signing, but had family stuff to do. i had a feeling you’d be there. Sounds like it was a blast. Nothing like summer in San Diego, right?

  3. I think you’ll find that EVERYTHING can be found on the internet these days — even 2 minute interviews on obscure CO radio stations! (haha)

    But, yes, you did great on that one. Looking forward to hearing the next!

  4. HL–it was a really fun signing! had a great time!

    christine, too bad you missed it! it was a lovely day yesterday and looks like today too! no june gloom!

    david, so true. only i’m too sad to figure it out!

  5. Cute picture! I’m so glad things are going well.

    Now, I have to read Wicked Lovely. I think you’re officially the 100th person who’s mentioned it ;).

    Yay for perfect Saturdays!

  6. amber, thank you!!

    hannah, i’m glad you enjoyed it! you can def become a “watcher” and add to discussions before you apply to be member!

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