i can hardly believe it.
my debut is making its way out in the world
finally–after months of rough drafting, fighting
my own fear and immobility, revising for over a
year with the help of my wonderful critique friends,
querying too many agents and receiving too many
rejections, selling the manuscript last may and learning
so much from my revisions with my editor, virginia.
SILVER PHOENIX is released and has already been
sighted in bookstores and recieved from online vendors!

and in celebration, i’m holding a contest and giving
away some awesome prizes. namely, an original framed
. if you have not seen my art, please click
over to the chinese brush art link to your left. i can’t
say for certain which painting it will be, but a flower subject
or bamboo or cute critter / bird is very likely. i’m in the
midst of some art events so anything i
have on hand may sell. i price my framed paintings from
$200 to $400. along with a signed copy of my novel.

then i got to thinking. i realize i have some admirers
of my art, but it’s really rather presumptuous to assume
that everyone would be interested in that as a prize. so
another possible prize for the winner is a $100 gift card
to a book store of your choice. also offered with a signed
copy of my novel.

depending on how many participants there are–i may
give away more than one painting / gift card prize
so of course, in my bid for shameless self-promotion to
help my debut become the little asian fantasy novel that could,
i’m asking you to help spread the word!

there are many ways to earn a “raffle” ticket. you can
do part or all of these listed.

-post the cover of SILVER PHOENIX on your blog
and link back to this contest. please mention
the prizes!! [1 raffle!]


-post my awesome trailer by madison on your blog
and link back to this contest. please mention the
prizes!! [2 raffles!]


-read SILVER PHOENIX and post a review on your blog. [3 raffles!]

-read SILVER PHOENIX and post a review on amazon,
bn.com, borders, or any other site that sells books. [3 raffles!]

-read SILVER PHOENIX and post a review on goodreads,
librarything or any other forum that holds book discussions. [3 raffles!]

reviews should be honest, and at least 60 words long. that’s
really just a few sentences!

and as i said, you can do just ONE of these things listed above
or all of them, depending on how many raffles you’d like.
i will ship prizes galactically! and am looking forward to new
alien avvys from new commenters. =DD
contest will run through MONDAY, JUNE 8th! please leave
comments with links for me to verify the above for your raffles!

so my lovely readers, you who have supported and encouraged
me and been so kind these past three years. so many of you who
have witnessed my journey from the very beginning, THANK YOU!
i honestly would not have made it this far without you guys!!
my debut takes flight today and i’m hoping to watch her soar. =)

update : i’ve extended the contest to get at least 200 participants
and i will give away BOTH prizes! first name drawn can choose which
s/he wants and second winner gets the other prize!!

212 thoughts on “silver phoenix set free”

  1. Congratulations, my friend. My copy is preordered, and I’ll be looking forward to reading it!

    I wish you tons of success. :)

  2. Ha, I must have entered by default by having followed Ello’s blog! ;-)
    Blurb, book cover and trailer posted here! :-)

    Good luck with the launch today and hope everything goes totally fabulously! Have a blast – you deserve it!

  3. I’m like Jeannie–do I get extra points for doing it a day early? :P LOL.

    I’m heading over to B&N today during my lunch break to see if it’s on the shelves there!

  4. Hey I just realized I’ve done most of these things already!!!!

    But will go and link contest too! Oh my gosh I want your art so badly!!!

  5. *does a little dance* I am so happy for you, Cindy! And I’m happy to post the book/trailer on my blog, I wanted to anyway. Yippee! Hope you’re having an awesome day, and drinking champagne in the sunshine! Peace, Jules xox

  6. You will ship prizes galactically? Yay! Good thing you aren’t giving away ink stones!

    My daughters are already keen on reading this (they’ve seen you on VK’s — they tend to read over my shoulder — so you’re on. I’ll try and post this on my blog ASAP.

  7. I’m shamelessly promoting your book on my blog today!
    Good luck, Cindy! Here’s hoping for great things!


  8. THANK YOU EVERYONE! please remember to include your links–tho i think your alien may take me to your leader, i mean blog. weeeeeeee!

    bryn, thanks for not hating my perkiness. HAHA!

  9. Congrats, Cindy! It was well worth all the work and wait, wasn’t it. :-)

    Already blogged about the book and contest. Now I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail!

  10. Hi Cindy!

    First, CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve read your story to publication here and also your query story on the blueboards (I’m “writermama” there). I must say these stories have been SO INSPIRING. And thank you for sharing them!

    I have posted news of your book’s debut along with the book cover (this is the first picture I’ve ever put on my blog–and I did it right!)

    Can’t wait to read your novel!

    Oh yes, my blog is http://crystalroget.blogspot.com

  11. o-m-g. those are some fab-u prizes cindy! :D

    ehehehe posted trailer, posted review on blog and goodreads. luckily I somehow posted all of this! (would you like links? :)

    p.s. I’m gonna post this on my sidebar but I won’t do the cover thing since I just had this huge cleaning spree of all the clutter. you don’t have to give me any raffles or anything for it :)

  12. Aloha, Cindy! I have been shamelessly promoting you whenever possible, on Twitter, Facebook, and via two entries on my blog at http://www.champuru.net/blog not just because I’d LOVE to win one of your paintings, but more so because I am so thrilled for you and want to see the success of Silver Phoenix soar skyward!

    I also embedded the fabulous trailer into my one of my blog entries as well.

    Happy release day! :)

  13. Whoa. A Cindy Pon original art piece? Wow! Do drooling fan comments on other people’s blog declaring my undying love for you count as an entry? :-)

    Happy release day, Cindy!!

  14. Do you see what happens when I fall off the face of the earth? By the time I’ve clawed my way back up you’ve moved your blog and are having an awesome contest!

    I’m going to have to get really busy so I can be sure to enter as many times as possible! =)

  15. this contest is fabulous, Cindy! I love your artwork, so I’m game!!
    Actually I did your blog tour today, so I’ll wait and post your trailer tomorrow!!
    Congrats on your debut!

  16. Okay, my dear, here are my raffles:

    +1 the cover & contest
    +2 the trailer

    and I will get my +3 lists to you as soon as I get a chance to read this firecracker (am hoping to lounge in the sun over the weekend for a few hours to get my Phoenix fix!)

  17. Okay, I will leave a beautiful (and very real) review of your book at bn.com and amazon because I read the ARC and then gave it to my librarian who cried because she wanted it so badly for her teen board.

    I’m shameless too…. looking for some of that art!

    Hugs and congrats!

  18. I’ve read a lot of your comments on the AW’s boards. I’m so happy for all of your wonderful success. I followed you over from Renee’s blog! Good luck! And the books sounds AWESOME! Jenni

  19. Well, I had posted your book cover and reviews on my blog the day it came out. I will add your awesome trailer. You know I LOVE your art. Email me anyway and I’ll give you my address so you can send me some bookmarks. I’ll put them out at the fairs I work.
    The Upside of Karma will be out in print in Sept. You can pay it forward, ;-)
    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.
    Brightest Blessings

  20. Oh, cool!!

    I just saw this post, and was already going to review the book on my blog because I’m uber excited by all the things I’ve heard :).

    Now I’m going to enter, too. Woo hoo!

    Thanks for the fun contest, Cindy!

  21. I love these contests! When are you coming to LA? I haven’t purchased Silver Phoenix yet bc I want to buy at the place that hosts your signing. Hurry!!

    And I posted about the contest on my site. :o) Painting please!

  22. Hi Cindy,

    I’ve featured you in our regular Potpourri Quiz at Color Online. I linked to your contest and encouraged readers to buy your book.

    Congratulations! Wish you continued success.

    Thanks for hosting the contest.

  23. Cindy Pon the cover of your book, Silver Phoenix is beautiful. I feel very happy to have it displayed on my blog. Thank you for considering me in the raffle. Good success to you.

  24. Posted a review on Goodreads and my blog:


    It’s actually the same review, but I linked to the Goodreads one in my blog.

    Not sure how many raffles that counts for; either three or six. I still have to post one on Amazon too at some point.

    I’m definitely gonna be waiting anxiously for a sequel :)

  25. I am posting a link on my blog (and adding it to my contest sidebar!). I’ve pre-ordered my copy and am picking it up on Saturday from my bookstore! I’ll add more if I can post a review in time.

  26. Fantastic Contest
    thanks’ I’m off to post a link and picture on my site thanks for the chance at something soo Wonderful

  27. Hiya I wanted to say congrats on a wonderful book.

    I posted, the cover, the trailer and a review on my blog and on good reads..yup I got it alll covered.

    I would be most happy to win and original piece of Cindy Pon artwork…I already adore you book markers :)

  28. I’d love to review it but haven’t bought my copy yet.

    By the way, I read on a related blog how some publishers thought an Asian set Fantasy would not sell well. I guess they aren’t into pulp fantasy from the 30’s like I am…. Of course the characters back then were sometimes very stereotypical in a bad way, but the Shadow of Fu Manchu by Sax Rohmer was immensely popular at the time, so at least there was ample interest in “mysterious China”. More recently, E. Hoffman Price wrote a book on my shelf titled “The Jade Enchantress”, which is set in a fictional Fantasy China with Chinese characters. And what about the huge popularity of Japanese Anime and Manga? When I was learning Japanese in the late 80’s in Hawaii it was tough to hunt down that stuff, and now it is in every Best Buy, with dedicated aisles! And the stories are often very Japanese/Asian in backdrop.

    I think the popularity of your book on the charts shall prove them wrong!

  29. This is wonderfully generous of you. And, I have to admit, I feel sort of guilty entering this contest. Your book was a reward in and of itself. I loved it!

    My review can be found here.

  30. -post the cover of SILVER PHOENIX on your blog (check)
    -post my awesome trailer by madison on your blog (check)
    -read SILVER PHOENIX and post a review on your blog. (check)
    -read SILVER PHOENIX and post a review on amazon,(check {under S. Melder})
    -read SILVER PHOENIX and post a review on goodreads (check {under Shesten Melder})

    I’m planning on posting the interview we just did next month to spread things out a little. My Inspection is up over at I Heart Monster, so check it out :o)


  31. Hey there, Lady Pon. My name is Ashe, and I’m 16 years old from Hortonville, WI. I found your book sitting on my school’s library counter during Anime club, and thought it looked and sounded interesting, so I picked it up.

    I’ve had the book for 2 days and have already finished…And I’m gonna go all dumb teenager on you, so OMG!!!!

    I studied some Japanese and Chinese history for my manga, and I think that I may actually draw some scenes from this book!! I’ve never felt so inspired to draw before, so thank you soo much for that, and thank you so much for writing something so enthralling and descriptive!!!!

    Good luck with your future works, and may the Goddesses and Gods be with you and your family for the whole ride!!!

    Ashe Shaw ^^

    PS~Will Silver Phoenix be a series??

  32. Hey, dude. I already reviewed your book on Goodreads, so that’s done. And I already have a copy of your book. Actually I loaned it to the teen librarian where I work, so she’s about to read it–I’ve already warned her about the hungriness situation so no worries there. :)

    Mostly I’m just here to add a certain wit and panache to this thread. And now that’s done, too. :D

  33. I am posting your cover on my blog (for the second time!). I tried to download your video, but there is some new law here in Korea so I can’t. Bummer! But I’ll see if I can Ninja cloak it or something.

    Great contest!

  34. And by the way, I posted about your book on my blog’s sidebar. It looks great because it matches with the blog’s pink theme! *grins*

  35. This is an awesome contest! Your artwork is amazing and will make this hard with what I would choose if I were to win this contest!!

    I have posted a picture of your book as well as the video on my blog!!

    thanks for this great contest!!


  36. Hi, Cindy! I posted a review on my blog, posted a link to the contest, posted a link to the book trailer, and mentioned the prizes. Also posted a review on Goodreads. Not sure how many tickets that adds up to. :) Do you need any more information from me?

    Loved the book. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  37. Hi Cindy!

    Please enter me in your awesome contest! I really want to win one of your beautiful paintins! *crosses fingers*

    So far .. I have posted the cover of SILVER PHOENIX on my blog + linked back to the contest (and mentioned the wonderful prizes) and, unfortunately, I couldn’t post the trailer on Blogger but I did link to it!



  38. 1) Post the cover on your blog and link back to this contest.

    Done in the following article. The cover is also on the front page of the web site.


    2) Post your awesome trailer.

    Also posted in the above article. Once it is lower on the news list, I will also list a news item and embedd the video on the front page.

    3) Read and Review.

    Well I read in a matter of a couple of days, and just posted the review on my site.


    I also posted a review on Amazon…


    (Although it is in the “approval” process. They tell me up to 48 hours to appear. I do have it in my “I ranked” section now though.)

    Also I put one through on Barnes and Noble.


    Also seems to be waiting for “approval”. My guess is some form of moderation to avoid unwanted language and the like.

    Eventually I will complete my review and ranking on Goodreads as well. It does seem that the site is a bit bunked right now. Once I can get on there I will update it. I need to move another couple books up on the “currently reading” list as well. ;)

  39. I know this is too late for the contest but I did want to share my glowing reviews of Silver Phoenix!

    on my blog:

    on barnes & noble:

    on goodreads:

    on librarything:

    i’ve posted my amazon review but it isn’t up yet. I can forward the link in a day or so.

    thanks for such a fun read! i’m looking forward to learning what happens next

    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com/mrolapus AT yahoo DOT com

  40. i just saw that the contest was extended! cool!!! thanks so much – i’ll post the link to the amazon review once it goes through. thanks again

    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

  41. oh…i just found out about this. i hope i’m not too late. *^^* the review may take some time. :) but for now i’ve happily put up the trailer and cover. our best to you!

  42. Hi Cindy, I posted a review and a picture of the cover on each of my blogs. Here are the links: http://anniekingwrites.blogspot.com/2009/06/silver-phoenix-book-review.html,

    I hope I’m in time to enter, but that’s not why I posted a review. I’ve been publicizing your book since Creative A’s interview at Headdesk. I appreciate not only your wonderful book, but the fact you generously share your writing process. Thank you for that! And I’m happy for your well-deserved success. ~ Annie

  43. I’m so sorry – please ignore post no. 202. I’d already mentioned this Alibris review. I was a bit too excited and got confused. With the Amazon review that I’d previously mentioned and sent the link as 201, I’m done.

    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

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