Ailiing and ChenYong-v2c

*ai ling and chen yong by phoenix lu.

i’m afraid i couldn’t resist. after i saw the
amazing portrait that phoenix lu made of silver
phoenix and zhong ye, i knew i had to commission
another portrait of ai ling and chen yong together.

so here they are.

and i love it as much as the other!

again, i’ll be making postcards with this and giving
them out as swag closer to Fury of the Phoenix release date
along with the other portrait! i just love giving out lovely
book related freebies, it makes me very happy!

the sirens attendees will be getting the silver phoenix
and zhong ye postcard early at the conference!!

congrats to eve who won the last tgifbm! contest. thanks
to everyone who entered!

currently reading:

the little stranger by sarah waters

28 thoughts on “ai ling and chen yong portrait”

  1. I think he looks (very) slightly like Vincent Zhao, and she a young Kathy Chow or present-day Gao Yuanyuan.
    I’ve e-mailed you about the giveaway, thank you!

  2. thanks so much everyone!

    renee, it’s by a self taught (digital) artist in shanghai, phoenix lu. the name is appropriate, right? no wonder the portraits are so fantastic. =D

    moonie, i’ll let you know!!

  3. Just as beautiful as the first! : ) I actually said the same thing on her deviantart page. After you posted about the first portrait I’ve faved a few of her paintings, she’s very talented! I am NOT jealous! : )

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