i’ve spent the past days working on Fury
copyedits. and was grateful that a writer
couldn’t be arrested for her use, misuse
or non-use of commas, semi-colons, and
modifiers. not to mention the danglers. those
darned dangly things!!

and today, like a reward from the heavens
(or my fantabulous editor!), a box of Fury of
the Phoenix arcs arrived. this truly is The
Best Monday Ever!! so of course, i have to hold
an ARC contest. now!!

i had a think about it and i want this first
contest to be for Silver Phoenix fans out there.
tell me what you enjoyed or loved about
Silver Phoenix. you can leave it in the comments here
BUT creativity and effort count. you can express
Silver Phoenix love by blog post, by drawing, by vlog,
by poetry, by fan fiction, collage, paint or doodles.
whatever inspires you! please post contest entry on
your blog (and link here) or if you don’t blog, you can
email me the entry or send via snail mail (but email me
and let me know you’ve posted something! =):

cindy pon
p.o. box 928107
san diego, ca 92192-8107

depending on number and quality of entries, there may
be more than one winner. (i hope so!!) the prize package
will include:

1. signed hard copy of Silver Phoenix
2. signed ARC of Fury of the Phoenix
3. one of the first to receive a postcard of Silver Phoenix
and Zhong Ye portrait (shown below)
4. choice of two brush art cards from my etsy site

for cindy-v2b

this contest is open to all Silver Phoenix fans and
i will ship world wide. =D contest closes wednesday,
12/1. good luck!!

33 thoughts on “Fury of the Phoenix arc contest!”

  1. Not entering since I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading Silver Phoenix. Just wanted to say that that’s one hell of a prize. Congrats to whoever wins!

  2. What a great prize package! I’d love to get my hands on a copy of Fury of the Phoenix.Must turn on creative brain…I think there’s a switch somewhere back there.

  3. I love that you expanded the size of the fantasy world so that readers can see what magical happenings are taking place beyond the borders of all those pseudo-European fantasy kingdoms. I can’t wait to read about fury unleashed — pseudo-Europe won’t know what hit it.

  4. I loved that it was based on non_Western mythology. Such a nice change!

    Ans as a bonus, I will also state what I hated about it….

    Your descriptions of food made me crave Chinese food the whole time I was reading! Darn you! ;-)

  5. Oh, crazy, it didn’t post my whole message :(

    What I LOVED about Silver Phoenix was the poetic, buttery prose. I definitely cannot compete with some of the wonderful fan art you already have ^__^ so it’s okay if I don’t win this one. I am still going to pick up a copy when it hits stores and pimp it out like crazy.

  6. Oh wow! I’m so entering for thisss ! Yay! Thanks for this great giveaway :) Now I just have to come up with something creative to do….

  7. I’m with the previous posts that it is a welcome departure to read a fantasy that isn’t based on European mythology. Even though that is my heritage. Can’t wait to read the new one.

  8. Well, that cover looks gorgeous.

    I really loved Silver Phoenix and I am going to put cash in your pocket when Fury comes out. But just for the fun of it, I will tell you what I liked about Silver Phoenix.

    I really loved your characters, the unusual mythology, which has not been beaten to death by other writers. Ai Ling is a great heroine and I like how she thinks for herself and comes to be a stronger person, even when she is facing death. She really grows in the book, and that is something that doesn’t always happen to characters.

    Of course, your food descriptions are mouth-watering. Your prose when describing nature and its environs is full of rich texture. I would imagine that you really took your time with that, to put readers in these exotic landscapes, make them smell, feel and see what Ai Ling is feeling.

    I could go on. Great book, Cindy.

  9. I am soooo excited about the contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I totally loved silver pohenix so fury is gonna be awesome!!

  10. I haven’t picked up a book in two months but the Silver Phoenix captured me.

    I sent you an e-mail. Have you receieved it? A confirmation would be most desired.
    Thank you for reading it and any replies!!

    I like your novel!
    kyaaa going crazy over anticipation!!

  11. way back when, I wrote a review of Silver Phoenix (which you commented on, which is why I’m not sending a link) and what I like best about it hasn’t changed, so I’m just going to quote the first paragraph of that.

    “I was hoping when I opened this book to read an epic quest fantasy, with plenty of feats of daring, a little mystery, a little mayhem, a lot of adventuring, and a deadly struggle against evil. Oh I got that all right, but I also got a little romance, a little sibling rivalry, a little creepiness, and a strong heroine that I fell in love with by the end of the first chapter. Silver Phoenix is in the great tradition of Alice in Wonderland and The Phantom Toll Booth, a kitchen sink novel, so called because it has everything inside but a kitchen sink. It uses the motif of a quest to take readers not just through the “mundane” realm of a fantasy world, the realm where ordinary people live and do ordinary human things like have children, make war, eat, work, and get married, the titular kingdom of Xia, but into the realms of the gods and other immortal creatures (I guess that would be the ‘beyond’ part). Ai Ling and her companions, trying to get back on the path to the capital and the palace after they were swept away from it, enter the land of strange. Three eyed mad scientists, benevolent goddesses, dragons, and lakes that cause pregnancy were just some of the things they ran across.”

  12. What I loved about Silver Pheonix is it wasn’t your normal, YA Fantasy novel. It was so much more and that’s what made it stand out and be more beautiful than the rest.

    The imagery and your use of words were wonderful and created a brilliant world where no author in the Western World had gone before. The story grabbed me by the ears and threw me into Ai Ling’s world so much that I felt I was her – and I’m white too, so that was an interesting.

    I also loved that it opened a new world for YA fantasy outside of the normal vampire, werewolf, witch thing.

    It’s possible for me to go on forever about why I love Silver Pheonix, but I’ll force myself to stop here. =)

  13. I’m hoping to get some fan art in, but I wanted to go ahead and say what I loved about the book, too. In addition to the prose, which swept me along, and the awesomely creepy monsters, I loved that you weren’t afraid to have Ai Ling make questionable choices, and part of why I’m so eager for Fury of the Phoenix is to see how those choices will play out over time.

  14. Hi Cindy! I’m not late, am I? November has been such an insanely busy time for me…

    Without further ado, here is my entry:


    What I enjoyed about Silver Phoenix is your attention to and description of details – they’re just gorgeous. Ai Ling as a heroine is both realistic and tough, in that her fears and doubts are relatable. One thing I do wish is for her to have more trusted lady friends other than her mother – girls who are just awesome as she is.

    I’ll never tire of saying this: The best of wishes for Fury of the Phoenix!

  15. I can’t wait for the Fury of the Phoenix to come out. Silver Phoenix and Fury of the Phoenix are going on my wishlist this year ^^

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