for cindy-v2a

i commissioned this portrait from phoenix lu. =)
her digital art work is nothing less than stunning.
i cannot wait for you to read zhong ye and silver
phoenix’s story in Fury of the Phoenix.

and YES! i am making postcards to give out as swag!!

just finishing up line edits and this commission
couldn’t have arrived at a better time as i’m working
on making the sequel better. =DD

this week’s links of interest:

*ai ling and bod owens (The Graveyard Book) are
battling for their lives at YA Fantasy Showdown
cage match! neil gaiman told me very graciously
via twitter yesterday that he voted for ai ling. haha!
that neil, such a charmer. it does make me a little
sad tho, as i love bod and both ai ling and he aren’t
violent by nature. but all’s fair in love and cage matches…

go vote if you think ai ling would win! (bottom of page.)

*i give some advice on college to diana dang
as well as a signed copy of Silver Phoenix
and a
brush painting card of your choice from my etsy site!

*i interview dia reeves, author of Bleeding Violet, at the
enchanted inkpot!

50 thoughts on “silver phoenix and zhong ye portrait”

  1. If I don’t get one of those postcards, I will jump out the window. *swoons from the gorgeousness*

    And Ai Ling would totally win–she’s magic. ;)

  2. I love this photo. I think I’d love to have it hanging in my room so I can stare at Chen Yong’s handsome visage…

    Half kidding. But I really do love this picture! It feels as if it has a dreamy quality about it.

  3. dia, i guess i’m pacifist. haha! and of course i’ll send you a postcard!!!

    ABBY that is NOT chen yong! =)
    but stay tuned…

    katie, isn’t it gorgeous? it takes
    my breath away.

  4. eve and abby, there is no embarrassment here at *hand you both a lotus bun*

    eve, those are the actors i told phoenix lu my characters look like. !!!!

  5. I went and voted for Ai Ling, assuaged some of my embarrassment that way. Thanks for the lotus bun! I still love this picture, and that story is one I’ve been quite curious about ever since reading it. Especially since I didn’t like Zhong Ye at all…

  6. Wow, that is gorgeous, Cindy! Can I reserve a postcard too?

    Are you going to order a large print version of this for your office or something? :)

  7. OMG it’s breathtaking! the portrait is so beautiful and captured the look and feeling of longing so well… i’m getting goosebumps because the likeness of Takeshi is so striking! Amazing, fantastic work of art.

    *heart goes pitter patter*

  8. PIC! heh!
    ai ling wouldn’t mind sparring with durango. =)

    natalie, i can’t wait for you to read it either! =DD

    sandy, i know. the artist is from shanghai. i think she’s amazingly talented.

  9. I absolutely love this one (I’m a bit partial to Kaneshiro Takeshi, too). Can’t wait for the sequel!

  10. amy, thank you!!

    erin, that’s a great compliment. i think the artist is so talented!

    liz, i’ll send you a postcard when they are ready!! =DD

  11. What a gorgeous portrait! I literally just finished Silver Phoenix last night (and just in time, too, the San Diego Library wants it back soon!). What a great book — I loved the food, the simple writing structure and the characters. Great job!

    Now, I’ll just have to patiently wait until Fury of the Phoenix is out!

  12. lorena, thank you for reading! you don’t get to know much about zhong ye and silver phoenix in the debut–but you will for the sequel. and hoorah for san diego libraries. =DD

    dara, you will!

    thanks, lisa!!

  13. Stunning. Absolutely, astoundingly phenomenal. That is DIGITAL art work? Man. The last time I attempted to draw something using electronics, it came out looking like a kindergartener’s stick figure picture of his/her family and house. :D Want. Want soooooo bad. Cindyyyy how can you torture us and make us pine for such beauty in this way???

    Ahaha Neil Gaiman. What a guy. That’s adorable.

  14. steph, ha! the gorgeousness is ridiculous, i know. but what kind of author would i be if i didn’t torture the readers a little? not a very good one. =D

    i will send out pretty postcards to all the readers who want them. *cheers*

    from what i understand, she sometimes sketches the portrait loosely, then paints it in photoshop. it really is amazing.

    and everyone knows i’m a puddle of fangirl for neil gaiman. =D

  15. Hi Cyn,

    That picture is _so_ gorgeous. Is it going to be on the cover?

    I’ve not been blog-hopping in a loonngg time. I take it your next book it about to be published?

  16. hi beth, thank you! and so good to see you here too! and no, this isn’t the cover for the sequel–which is much darker now than my first!

  17. I really liked that you hinted at Zhong Ye being more than just a one-dimensional villain and that he and Silver Phoenix had a complicated history. I’m interested in seeing Ai Ling’s previous incarnation and the type of person she was.

    Of course, I hope we can eventually read more of Ai Ling’s adventures, too!

  18. lorena, yes, there will be more of ai ling and chen yong in Fury of the Phoenix!

    ai ling, ha!

    written, thank you so much!

    natalie and moonie, a real compliment coming from you two, who both love asian reads, etc.

  19. I think I have had your blog post queued up on one of my browser tabs for an entire week now because I keep wanting to stop back by and stare at Silver Phoenix & Zhong Ye. So beautiful! It just now occurred to me that I’ve been so caught up in staring and sighing that I never actually left a comment to officially compliment the artist. She is AMAZING! Would you mind if I share this artwork on my blog? (With credit to Phoenix Lu and a link to your blog post, of course.)

  20. violet, of course you can! as long as you say by phoenix lu and also link back to my blog? =D yippee!! i can’t stop staring at it either…i’m making postcards now!

  21. What a beautiful image!! I cannot wait to read the novel. I kinda wish this would be the cover. But the actual one is very beautiful too!

  22. That is beautiful! What a talented artist! I have to google her right now! Can’t wait for the sequel to come out although being in Scotland it can be a bit trickier! : ) Oh, and when you get those postcards I definitely want to put my name down for one!

  23. jennie, thank you! i can’t wait for you to read it either!!

    diana, yay!

    jacqueline, i know that they did sell my book on so that’s your best bet? thank you for reading and i do send swag abroad! love sending out book freebies!

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