like everyone else, i have a pretty busy
weekend filled with secret project, meeting
with wonderful writerly peeps like martha flynn,
reading by the beach and hanging out with family.
i have had so many readers let me know how much
they love Silver Phoenix and looking forward to
Fury. i’m touched and a little overwhelmed. (or a lot. =)

so i wanted to do a special tgifbm! this week.
it’s more like an extravaganza. SEVEN awesome
books–each i have loved reading and recommending,
ALL featuring characters of color as main protagonists.
i’ve felt the love, and i’m here to spread the love, baby! =DD


what can i say? i’m a fangirl for
david m gill. and i loved soul enchilada
ever since reading the arc on a train ride
across the countryside of england. fantastic,
fun, terrifying and touching, take a ride with
bug and go on an adventure you’ll never forget.
here’s an interview i did with david over at the
enchanted inkpot.

david’s Black Hole Sun will be out 8/24/10.
this also, is a must read!!


larbalestier is such a fantastic writer and storyteller.
Liar gripped me from page one to the last.
i donated my copy to the library!


wait, does this look familiar?
ha! it’s because i gave away a copy
on my last tgifbm! but dang, i just
love dia reeve’s debut. it rocks as much
as she does. you want this. trust me.


i’d call Magic Under Glass spellbinding.
here’s an interview i did with jaclyn over on
the enchanted inkpot!


i loved perfect chemistry! elkeles wields
dual points of view so fantastically and her
voice, for me, is dead on. and the sexual
tension? *fans self* i loved the sequel, Rules of
Attraction as well.


and oh, look! i’m giving it away here. =D


on a more serious note, ursula le guin is
one of my favorite authors. like ever. she writes
these stories that are smart, at times deceptively
simple, but always in her beautiful clear prose.
i’m ashamed to say i never even heard her name until…
wait for it…the mini series of these first two books
on the syfy network.

i’m a sucker for fantasy, and i thought the series
was pretty darned good, for being Free on my Tele!
so, as any proper reader and geek, i immediately
went online to find out as much as i could about le guin.
that was when i discovered how angry she was about the
casting of the series. ged and the majority of the characters
in this series are of color. it was her specific intent when she
wrote them. (a wizard was first published in 1968.) the cast
on the syfy show didn’t reflect this.

i immediately ran to the bookstore to buy the book(s)!
but it was sold out. so i ordered a copy within store.
and went on to devour the entire series. which reminds
me, i really need to read them all, all over again.

if you are a lover of fantasy, and you haven’t read this
book about a boy and a wizard school =) you really need to.


wait, what’s this doing here? ha!
i’ll be working on FURY line edits all day
tomorrow. chen yong FTW, yes! (disguised as
daniel henney.)

you know the rules. tweet, fb status, LJ, blog
about this contest and link back to my post.
please also comment here with that link! i’ll
choose a winner at random some time on wednesday,
this contest is open to everyone! good luck!

125 thoughts on “tgifbm! feel the love, baby!”

  1. What a terrific giveaway! I tweeted about the contest @KimBea.
    Thanks for the great contest!

  2. I feel sorta bad for entering because I’ve read half of these books (Liar, Bleeding Violet, Soul Enchilada, Perfect Chemistry, Rules of Attraction) and they all are/sound awesome! I really want to read something by Ursula LeGuin. And I still need to read Magic Under Glass.

    Picture of Daniel Henney for the win! <3 Good luck with Fury edits and happy 4th!

    I am going to Tweet about it right now @readingincolor

  3. ZOMG, I love A Wizard of Earthsea!

    AND THAT HOT PICTURE. Thank you *bows to Cindy* for that amazing piece of photography.

    Here’s mah Tweet:

    I had to figure out how to link to it, so hopefully you appreciate it!

    BTW, how would I go about asking you if I could review your books? They look great, I’ve become established, and PoC and LGBTQ books are always on my radar.

    :) Love the contest! Kisses~John

  4. Ok. It’s been tweeted, blogged about, and fb statused. (Is that a word?) Hope I win! Those are some awesome books you’re giving away, Cindy!

    BTW…started DRAFT TWO! Yay!

  5. This is a fantastic giveway- of the books, I’ve only read Le Guin’s. I loved it!

    I’ve blogged about your giveway, thank you for running it. =)

  6. I posted on my facebook. If I win, the books will go in my library and all my students will get to read them! I always try to buy books with POC main characters!

  7. I just want to say how happy I am to see Wizard of Earthsea on that list. I’m sure LeGuin would be happy at the company her boy Ged is keeping.

  8. If you love Ursula Le Guin, as mush as I do, you really need to check out one of her REALLY old books, The Lather of Heaven. It is awesomeness wrapped up in MORE awesomeness. I tweeted, and put it up in my blog! :)

  9. This is a first for me – read about you at Racialicious. And I was just talking about YA fiction and how awesome it is with Lois McMaster Bujold, at our local ConVergence 2010.

    So I’ve FB’d it, status and all. Does that mean I’m entered?

    I’ve only got the LeGuin. But for Meeroar, the Earthsea books ARE pretty early in her career.

  10. I tweeted @chickenherder

    Thanks for the awesome contest!! I’ve only read Bleeding Violet. I’ve wanted to read the others. There’s just not enough time in the day for all the good books out there!!

  11. Woohoo! Great contest! I retweeted (and told you so on twitter).

    So, if we’ve read half of those books, but, um, maybe forgot to pick yours up from the library when they called to say it was in, and thus haven’t read yours yet, would it be possible to swap one out for the silver phoenix, maybe? *ducks*

  12. OMG! These are so tempting! Please pick me Cindy!*begs*
    Blog Sidebar- ‘Contests’ in the right sidebar)
    Live Journal post-
    Facebook post-!/profile.php?id=100000126953872&v=wall&story_fbid=138292702856649&ref=mf

    Thanks Cindy! *still begging*

  13. WOW! this is awesome!!

    I’m a twitter follower (@sandymanga) and a facebook follower too (Sandra Muñiz)

    I posted about this in my blog (

    I put the “Soul enchilada” pic with a link to this post on the sidebar (

    I tweeted about this (

    I anounced it on facebook (


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