okay faithful readers, here is the extravaganza give away
i’ve been promising for some time. ELEVEN BOOKS and winner
takes all. these are authors from my san diego comic-con
international YA angst panel as well as harland’s Worldshaker,
at another mysterious galaxy event and signing i had moderated
this year. all copies are SIGNED with the exception of christopher
pike’s Thirst. unfortunately, he didn’t attend comic-con so missed
our YA angst panel. so, in no particular order…


*SIGNED copy of The Magicker’s Chronicles which
includes The Magickers and The Curse of Arkady by Emily Drake.


*Thirst volume one which includes the first
three novels in the series by christopher pike.
first novel(s) i read by pike and wow.


*SIGNED copy of Possessions by nancy holder. i actually
read the sequel, The Evil Within and loved it! intense,
sexy and scary. i can’t wait for the next book!


*SIGNED copy of Here, There Be Dragons by james owen.


*SIGNED copy of The Light, Book one of Morpheus Road,
YA horror series by d. j. machale.


*SIGNED copy of Worldshaker by richard harland.
steampunk YA. a really fun read.


*SIGNED copy of Unwind by neal shusterman.
first novel i’ve read by him and i couldn’t put it
down. i’m looking forward to reading his other books!


*SIGNED ARC of Virals by kathy reichs. the creator behind
Bones, the television series based on her adult books, this
is reichs first foray into YA and she does it wonderfully.
i really enjoyed this read and looking forward to the sequel!

*and last but not least, The Youngest Templar series
by michael spradlin, historical fantasy adventure. SIGNED
copies of the first two books and a SIGNED ARC of the last.


again, WINNER TAKES ALL! and i think
there are many young adult reads here that
you may have not picked up. and you’re missing
out if so! contest closes friday, september 3.
i’ll randomly choose a winner on that day.
ONLY OPEN TO US addresses, because i’m afraid
the box of books costs a lot to send. so sorry. =(
TO ENTER please tweet, fb status, blog,
LJ, etc and LINK to this post! COMMENT with your
link here so you’re entered.

EXTRA CREDIT : i blogged about my comic-con panel
at the supernatural underground
include “squish” in a sentence. this will earn you an
extra entry. =)

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  1. Well geez Cindy, now that you’ve CHALLENGED MY MANHOOD I have to enter! Phooey! Wait, that’s not very manly…I mean, AAARGH, watch me crush this beer can against my forehead!

  2. Wow. Kathy Reichs and YA. I am so THERE! (I once sat in on a class of hers at UNC Charlotte – my sorta-claim to her lol)

    Ok, I tweeted the contest from @melindahamby (not sure how to get the url for a rt post).

  3. RAWR #asianmomstandin – check it out – it’s my tweet!

    https://twitter.com/oobzie (it’s like…the first one…how do I link to individual tweets? But you follow me…so you’ve also already seen it. Also AAAAAHHH BOOKS this calls for a ::booty shake::)

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