hip hip hooray! the day is finally finally here!
my sequel to Silver Phoenix, Fury of the Phoenix
officially releases! and to celebrate, i’m holding a
Fury release contest, Mad Men style. 8)

The Contest

you may or may not already know, but i’m a huge
Mad Men fan. it’s right there as a top favorite along
with Fringe. the show is about advertising agencies
on madison avenue back in the 1960s. so what do you
need to do to win? you need to help advertise Fury of
the Phoenix in some way, whether by writing a great
pitch, putting together a story board for a commercial,
shooting a vlog or whatever to win.

you will have had to READ Fury of the Phoenix before
i guess you could cheat, but i really want this
contest to be open to Fury fans! (and know i may call your arse
out if i suspect you’re cheating and haven’t read Fury yet! =)

examples of pitches

Fury of the Phoenix: Eunuchs Need Love Too.
(i personally find this one very amusing. haha!)


Fury of the Phoenix: A Love Triangle Like You’ve Never Seen
(it’s true. intriguing, yes?)

it can be as simple as that or more involved.
you know that i do love creativity!!

The Prizes

one of my original paintings! it could be…


Surly Cat!


Oriole Among Blossoms


Baby Panda! 8)

i don’t know which painting exactly as i’ve
a show coming up in june and one or all of these
may sell. BUT you will receive an original painting
beautifully matted in a chinese border, possibly framed.

i may give away more than one painting, depending
on number and quality of entries received!

The Swag

*every* participant who enters will receive Fury Swag!

gorgeous postcards featuring ai ling and chen yong,
zhong ye and silver phoenix. also a bookmark featuring
my bamboo painting.

you can also receive swag by tweeting, blogging
or fb status to this contest post and helping me
spread the word! just email me the link and your
mailing address for goodies.

Ailiing and ChenYong-v2asp

How to Enter

you can leave any entries (if just a simple text post)
here in comments or you can email them to me.
ALL ENTRIES subject to being shared here on my blog!
be sure to include a mailing address so i can send you
swag if you want it!

this contest is open internationally (i love my international
readers!) through thursday, september 1. good luck!!!

24 thoughts on “Fury meets Mad Men!”

  1. Sounds like an awesome contest cause I WANT WANT WANT one of your paintings!

    Good thing Fury is on it’s way to me! I’ll have to remember to come back once I’ve finished it :)

  2. Dearest Cyn,

    Congratulatons on the publication of your second book. I’m ordering it today and I can’t wait to read it. Also congrats on Robin McKinley’s stellar review.

    And I can say I knew you when! :)

    P.S. I have an agent. Squee!

  3. Just sent an email with my Twitter link to the contest and my address :) I have to get the book today and start reading! So excited it’s finally here!!

  4. Hey Cindy,

    I am so excited for Fury and cannot wait to read it! I have ideas, I just want to see if the text supports them.

    I did RT and will send you my address.

    RT @modpodgebooks


  5. Cindy, you are breathtaking-ly talented!

    I went all weak in the knees over at Verla, but I’ll compose myself here.

    I will read Fury, and you can count me as a fan of you and your work from this day onward.

    All the love in the world.


  6. I sent off my pitch! It took a couple of re-writes but it should be okay…also I tweeted the contest (sent you the link and my addy).

    I’m so excited for FURY’s release!!

  7. Okay, I’m a spaz and read the deadline as MARCH when it’s really MAY!! YAY! I’ll dive right into reading as soon as my copy of FURY arrives! =D

  8. Jaw has hit the floor after seeing those beautiful illustrations! I wants! *__* Especially that ADORABLE surly cat original painting!! *__*

    But because I suffer from major artist block these days, I guess I’ll just have to enter the promote-the-contest-for-swag half of it for now:!/Redcrest/status/57568034264584192

    Congrats again on Fury’s release!! :D

  9. Unfortunately I’m about as creative as white bread lol. But I’m emailing you my address and Twitter link.

    The book was wonderful and your paintings are just beautiful!

  10. I came back here to do the contest but my mind is drawing a blank! I’m so NOT creative. AT ALL! But here’s a shot.

    Fury of the Phoenix: Vivid descriptions, horrific creatures and world that sucks you into it’s depths!

    Fury of the Phoenix: A love story that transcends time.

    candace_redinger at yahoo dot com

  11. Went back on my own word and entered (thanks to Kinokuniya Jakarta for making the book available in Indonesia, maybe they had SP too and I missed it?). Which doesn’t mean I’m good with pitching, but I’ll try.

    Fury of the Phoenix: A Love Across Centuries and Worlds


    Fury of the Phoenix: The Girl Who Parleys With Gods

  12. I love your books, and I can’t wait!
    I posted this on my facebook wall: FURY OF THE PHOENIX IS AMAZING! :) Just plain amazing and supermegafoxyhotawesome!

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