it was such a hectic week last week.
after the high of ala midwinter, malinda lo and i
worked hard behind the scenes to officially launch
our Diversity in YA website and announce the authors
signing with us. we’ll be in san francisco, austin, boston,
new york city, and one more stop depending on when
our nyc signing is. we also hope to sign in san diego the
week of world fantasy con in late october! =)

malinda and i have been planning and working
on the tour since last year, so it’s very exciting to
see it coming together. please check out our awesome
authors list and sign up for the mailing list. the blog
is updated every monday and we’ve cool blog
posts and contests planned in the coming months!

the same day we launched the website, fellow deb,
l. k. madigan (lisa) shared very difficult news
on her website. i’ve been thinking of my friend and
sending good thoughts all week. the debs are also giving
away forty sets
of lisa’s Flash Burnout and The Mermaid’s
Mirror to help spread L. K. Madigan Book Love. won’t you
consider helping by tweeting or anything else you can do to
spread the love?


it was an honor to be interviewed by sarwat chadda
for his Kiss Me, Kill Me blog tour. we talk food, sex, and
a girl’s place in xia society. as i mentioned before, i had the
pleasure of meeting sarwat at ALAN last november when we
were presenting together with cinda williams chima. so much
fun. and i’m loving his sequel, Dark Goddess.

harperteen is also giving away ten Fury of the Phoenix arcs
over on goodreads! get on it! =) the initial reviews and reader
reactions are always so nerve wracking–but so far has been
very positive. it makes me glad that i took the risks that i did
for Fury.


finally, i had friends visit over the weekend and we
spent a lovely summer like day at legoland. (our first
full day there, really, i tend to avoid theme parks like
the plague, ha!) it was surprisingly uncrowded and the
bubs had loads of fun. here, you can see some of the
san francisco skyline as well as the griffth observatory
in los angeles.

till the next, lovely blog readers!

5 thoughts on “one week”

  1. So sad about L.K. Madigan :( I haven’t read any of her stuff yet but plan to go pick up her books this week.

    And I think the chances you took with FURY were both bold and necessary! I loved it, especially the ending.

  2. thank you so much lessa!
    i’m happy that you were one of the first
    to read the Fury arc. and of course,
    that you liked it. *wipes sweat from brow* ha!

  3. Ai Ling is one of my favorite YA characters. I loved Silver Phoenix and was really glad to be able to read the ARC of Fury of the Phoenix as part of an ARC tour (loved it too). The pacing was different with the sequel but I was impressed by the way you gave depth to the character of Zhong Ye. Sad to see Ai Ling’s story end but I look forward to your future books.

    I will be giving away copies of both books on my blog as part of a giveaway later this month because I’m hoping to get my readers interested in the series.

    I will be checking out your Diversity in YA website. I think it is a fantastic idea!

  4. dara, thank you so much.

    christina, i can’t think of a better compliment. i’m so glad you enjoyed both Silver Phoenix and Fury, which is def a little different than the first.

    and i also appreciate anything you do to help spread SP and Fury love. =) i’d love to publish a third xia YA fantasy! and word of mouth recs are so very helpful for new authors.

    malinda and i are very excited about the Diversity Tour. check it out! =)

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