happy early valentines day, my lovely
readers! i’m sharing Surly Cat early as a present
to you. =D i’ll be going out for a nice dinner
with the love tomorrow for a date night, and
am hoping i’ll finally get a few hours to write on
monday–actual valentines day.

i was trying to paint birds again last night, but
they were simply flitting away from me. after three
or four poor attempts, i decided to try a cat
instead. none of the lesson books inspired me,
so instead, i googled for cat images and found this…


haha! tell me it’s not the cutest thing you’ve
seen? so this is the cat that inspired Surly Cat.
i first tried to paint him in the orageish color but
that proved too difficult. so i rendered him in
black ink. what do you think? does he make you smile?

he makes me giggle every time i look at him!

this was one of those paintings where i started with the
first four strokes and thought, there is no way i can
paint this thing. but slowly and surely, he began to
emerge on the rice paper, coaxed by brush strokes as if
by magic. in art, as in writing, there is the comfortable
confidence of “i can do this, i’ve done this many times before”
and the challenge of “i don’t think i can do this, but i’m going
to try”. it’s the latter that makes us better every time.

if my oriole made you happy, i hope my Surly Cat makes
you giggle, as he does me. and finally, in celebration of
Silver Phoenix paperback release, i’m giving them away
over at the Supernatural Underground.

have a wonderful weekend and a happy valentines day!!

Surly Cat’s theme song sung to “Spider Man” tune:

Surly Cat, Surly Cat does everything
a Surly Cat can
Glares at you
Pouts all day
Is Surly as only a Surly Cat can!

18 thoughts on “surly cat loves you!”

  1. thanks abby, jan and liz!! <3

    lisa, your first comment here! i'm always excited to see new alien from a new commenter, you're so cute. i'm very boring. =( and thank you, i hope you enjoy Surly Cat!

  2. zoe, surly cat lifts a whiskered brow at you. “we are not amused.” =) hha!! glad you enjoy him.

    lessa and jennie, hee! i know i done good if i remind owners of their own kittehs!

    lisa, hoorah, you’ve met Surly!

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