hello lovely readers! just a poke in to say that
i’ve extended the Fury meets Mad Men contest because:

1. i didn’t get enough entries. wah!
2. i also didn’t publicize it as well as i should have, having
been on tour for most of may.
3. i’d like to have the contest coincide with a summer reading
challenge malinda and i are organizing through the DiYA site!

the new deadline is now September 1!
check the original entry for details and comment there
or email me your entry directly. the grand prize is an
original chinese brush painting by me and signed copies
of Silver Phoenix and Fury of the Phoenix. (this has been
added. =) the contest is open internationally.

links of interest:

so i actually do have some DiYA news! the cambridge
panel got a fantastic write up in The Atlantic today. check it
out, with quotes from sarah rees brennan, malinda, holly black,
francisco stork and me!

and liz burns over at School Library Journal online
writes a very thoughtful review of Silver Phoenix at
her blog, A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy.

have a wonderful weekend, everyone! i’ll be at the Spanish
Village in Balboa Park, Gallery 21 this saturday if you’re inclined
to stop by and admire some fantastic Chinese brush paintings by
me and my fellow artist friends. cheers!