hello lovely readers!
i’m so excited that Diverse Energies officially
released this week! even more amazingly, the
fabulous publisher Lee and Low was able to rush
finished copies to our post Sirens Con Powell’s signing
this past sunday. i hadn’t expected it, and it was the
first time i held the final finished hardcover in my hands.

the book is gorgeous, y’all.
and the stories within are pretty amazing
as well. the anthology received a very positive
review from Booklist, to be included in their 11/1 issue:

“In an afterword, coeditor Monti writes about a heated 2009 discussion (dubbed “RaceFail 09”) regarding race in fantasy and science fiction, and how his reaction was to put together a collection showcasing “this wonderful, blended, messed-up world.” Hence this book, which feels different than the usual fare—characters, settings, and authors come from all across the global spectrum—and, maybe more to the point, proves to be not that different at all. It starts off with a fabulous one-two punch: Ellen Oh’s devastating “The Last Day,” about a future global war and the horrific Hiroshima-like aftermath; then “Freshee’s Frogurt,” a wild, violent, and funny excerpt from Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse (2011). In general, the subsequent stories fall on the more thoughtful, brainy side of the sf spectrum. Two standouts are Paolo Bacigalupi’s “A Pocket Full of Dharma,” about the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama on a portable storage drive; and Cindy Pon’s “Blue Skies,” a wistful have/have-not tale from a smog-filthed future Taipei. A solid introduction to a number of highly talented writers.”

i was thrilled to get a nod in the review, for
obvious reasons, but also because “Blue Skies”
was the first short story i’d written in almost twenty
years. (i know!) beyond that, it was the first time i
had written in the first person narrative AND it was the
first time that i’d written with a more sci fi slant. many
multiple firsts for me. but i had such a good time writing
this story and i like it a lot–i hope you enjoy it too!

the story is set in a future taipei where the disparity
between the haves and have nots are wider than ever.


*i love this candid panel photo of all the authors
at our Powell’s signing. =D (L to R: sarah reesh brennan,
mette ivie harrison, malinda lo, me, and jannie lee simner.)
photo credit to kim kasch. thanks, kim!

you can purchase signed copies of Diverse Energies
(by malinda and me) from Powell’s directly. it is also
available for purchase from amazon (shipping soon!) and
can be downloaded onto your nook or kindle. and as
always, can be requested directly into your favorite indie
book store!


greg van eekhout and i will both be attending the
HUGE YA in the Sun event on saturday, 11/10 at the
Encinitas Library. and would be happy to sign copies of
Diverse Energies there as well. =D

there will be TWENTY amazing middle grade and young
adult authors there from southern california and you can
check out the author list as well as rsvp to come over at our
facebook events page. hope to see you there in a few weeks!
it’s gonna be rad!

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