hello lovely readers!

had such a wonderful time at sirens con
like i knew i would. intense and fabulous, with
great author speeches from nalo hopkinson and
malinda lo, interesting panels and roundtables, but
best of all, fantastic conversations with fellow attendees
late into the nights.

here is a slew of fotos from my weekend and
i hope you enjoy them!


*mette, me and malinda at Multnomah Falls
near Portland, OR.


*another view of the falls.


*the view from our Sirens Con Skamania Lodge!


*sarah rees brennan, nalo hopkinson, malinda lo
and kate elliott on “The Male Gaze” panel. a great discussion,
and srb sang a song about jacob’s abs!


*i bribed various attendees to brave the rain to
go walking with me each day i was there. it wasn’t
that cold and the air was so crisp and the surroundings
so beautiful. (pictured with andrea horbinski!)


*got my copy of The Salt Roads signed
by nalo.


*i talked srb, kate and rhiannon (not pictured)
to walk in the rain with me. at one point, we were
simply huddled under the two umbrellas animatedly
planning World Domination. ha!


*this tree really captured my imagination during
another walk around the lodge grounds.


*i was supposed to be little red riding hood but
didn’t have a peasant skirt so when i took the hood
off, i looked like an errant pirate. i blame The Puffy Shirt,
which i got a lot of compliments on. haha! (with andrea
horbinski and juliet grames.)


*more Sirens Masquerade Ball fun with marie
brennan and artemis grey.


*posing with janni lee simner, joy kim, shveta thkrar,
and rachel manija brown.


*the attending authors’ books for our Powell’s signing.
Diverse Energies, the anthology that both malinda and
i have a story in, hadn’t been put out yet. it had just arrived!


*was so happy to see lisa schroeder in the
audience. she stood and asked a writing question
on behalf of l. k. madigan, as they used to attend
these signings together. especially poignant as srb,
malinda and i are all part of the debs ’09 group that l. k.
was in as well. i got a signed copy of lisa’s It’s Raining
Cupcakes for sweet pea and she loved it.


*was great to meet jenna for the first time as well.
thanks so much for coming to our signing!

and i have one more HUGE author event that i posted
about before: YA in the Sun, with 20 middle grade and
young adult authors attending. it’ll be a day of book talk
and huge bookish raffle giveaways. then i’m done for
2012! check out our YA in the Sun events page on facebook.
hope to see you there! =D