it’s been a while. i had a wonderful visit to the uk,
and returned straight to back to school madness, with
some busy weekends thrown in. i also started working
on Serpentine’s sequel again! and have our annual brush
painting art show beginning next week in Spanish Village
at Balboa Park.

here’s my latest brush painting. i had been trying to
paint a kingfisher on rock from a painting book, but
didn’t have much luck, so decided to google for a kingfisher
image. the first one that popped up was this regal little guy.
how could i resist?














the resulting painting was this little guy!
my teacher and i had a big discussion about how we
should place him, on a branch, on a rock? with flowers?
in the end, i wanted to paint the rock and nothing else, as
he’s the main focus of this painting! i had so much fun doing
his “mohawk”. =D hope you enjoy him as much as i do.


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