I’m currently revising Serpentine so my words are limited,
for all those who are looking for a China update. =) I’m not
very good with travelogues in general, preferring visuals, because
i actually keep a travel journal so all my thoughts and details
go in there. All parts of my China trip were amazing, with too
many highlights to count, but Shanghai was the first city I was
in on my own. And I had splurged on an amazing boutique hotel
on The Bund (worth every penny!) and there’s nothing like waking
up and walking through a city by yourself. I don’t think it’s an
experience I’ve had very much in my life, as I’ve been married near
twenty years (yep) and have always had a traveling partner with hub.

One of the major sights I wanted to see, within walking distance,
was the famous Yu Yuan (garden). As you can see, i’m fascinated
more by the architectural details than the actual fauna there–which
were beautiful as well. The garden itself sits in a warren of boutiques
and shops catering to tourists, and I enjoyed browsing through that
as well.

I got to the garden early (by 9.30am, I believe) and it was quiet
and nearly empty. Then I was in a shop that sold original Chinese
brush paintings and I spent too much money buying two originals
I really loved–by the time I reemerged near 11am, the garden was
very crowded. So I’m glad I went early for that peaceful morning
ambiance. (This was on a Monday, so I can’t imagine how busy it
would have been on a weekend.)

After, my high school friend treated me to steamed xiao long
bao (crab roe and regular) as well as veggie buns. All so delicious!
The ground floor has a hundred people long line for the take out
of xiao long bao, but the third floor, where we dined, had the more
pricy fare (with crab, etc.).

I only had one full day in Shanghai, and this was my morning. =)











4 thoughts on “Yu Garden Views, Shanghai, June 2014”

  1. Cindy, the Yu Yuan photos convey such a sense of peace. Thank you for sharing them. I especially responded to the first one with the cool stream or pond contrasting with the red of the porch, the view into the garden with the mosaic floor through the round white archway, the contrast between the traditional architecture and the faraway skyscraper, and oh [I am so hungry now!!!] the xiao long bao.

  2. hi anne, thank you! that first one is a favorite picture for me too. and gosh, the xiao long bao was SO delicious!

    lisa, thank you! you are a seasoned traveler to china compared to me!

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