i decided not to white out the background to
this painting because i love the antiquated feel
of the piece without it. i saw this chinese beauty
in an art book and absolutely fell in love with her.
she is holding a pipa (a chinese muscial string
instrument) in the original painting. but i didn’t
like that pose as much, so i painted her with this pot
of plum blossoms instead. :)

as always, with person or critter, i start with
the eyes. if you don’t get the eyes right, if you
don’t capture the subject there, then all is lost.
move on. the painting is not worth keeping.

i love that she seems to know where she is going,
and that she enjoys life to the fullest. that is
often how i feel about things myself. and those
are the best days.

i spent four lessons in class painting her. and
finished her last night, on the lunar new year.
couldn’t think of a better way to start the year
of the sheep. all best wishes to you in this new year! :D

2 thoughts on “Beauty with Plum Blossoms”

  1. I love the plush three-dimensional look of the border of her robe, Cindy, and how the sweep of the plum blossoms complete the circle that her face is centered in!

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