*at our Chinese Brush Painting Society reception with my Chinese Beauty painting in May 2013.

I’m addicted to twitter and bad reality television. And some good ones too, like Project Runway. Silver Phoenix and Fury of the Phoenix, my two young adult fantasies from Greenwillow Books are available now! My first published short story, “Blue Skies”, is also available in the Diverse Energies anthology (Tu Books). Serpentine, the first book of my second Xia duology was released September 2015, published by Month9Books. Sacrifice, the sequel, is out September 2016. WANT, my near-future thriller set in Taipei will be released by Simon Pulse Summer 2017! A children’s picture book with my chinese brush art is also in the works! I’m represented by Bill contardi of Brandt & Hochman. When I’m not writing or painting, I like to read, daydream, travel, eat and watch films in the theatre. I am a new hobbyist in reef keeping and have an 8g saltwater tank that I spend much time on and adore. I love pastries, americanos and Taiwanese food! =D

I’m the co-founder of Diversity in YA with Malinda Lo and part of the We Need Diverse Books advisory board.


frequently asked questions

q : can i purchase your brush paintings?

a : Of course you can. Please email me to inquire on availability, art dimensions and prices. My prices range from $100 to $400 approximately, depending on the size and subject. This does not include shipping costs. Sometimes, unframed pieces are available for a lower price. I have cards and framed and unframed art work available at my etsy store.

q : can i interview you for my blog, etc?

a : Yes, I love interviews! BUT it does depend on my writing schedule, if I’m under deadline, it may not happen. Also, authors get so many of the same questions so often. Please check out a really awesome interview with Stacy Whitman of Tu Books here and also many of the other interviews I’ve done to see if I already answered your questions? If you’re still interested, email me!

q : how long have you been painting?

a : I’ve been taking chinese brush classes since 2001. I’m still one of the newer students in a class full of talented artists and a wonderful, inspiring teacher. As a new student to Chinese brush, we “copy” other artists to learn. Nearly all of the birds you see in my gallery are a replication of bird lessons from brush art books. I’m at the stage where i’m moving toward painting from my own mind’s eye—as some of my flowers, bamboo and orchids are.

I’m excited by the prospect of doing a childrens picture book with my own art as it will be something entirely mine—with the use of my imagination and years of practice. I think it’ll be a wonderful challenge and accomplishment. I’m grateful for the opportunity!

q : have you published works before Silver Phoenix?

a : I have never been published prior to SILVER PHOENIX : Beyond the Kingdom of Xia. Both Silver Phoenix and its sequel, Fury of the Phoenix are available now. I’ll also be working on a childrens picture book using my own brush paintings–a process I’m excited to learn more about. My first published short story, “Blue Skies”, is available in the Diverse Energies anthology out with Tu Books. My second Xia duology is published by Month9Books: Serpentine is availabe now
and Sacrifice, the sequel, releases September 27th, 2016. My first
near-future thriller set in Taipei, WANT, will be released by Simon
Pulse Summer 2017.

q : any advice for new writers?

a : It’s been said before—just write. It takes a lot of dedication and work to hone your craft. There are so many elements to creating a good tale, the only way to improve is to practice. Set realisitic goals for yourself. Take writing classes. Find a good critique group. Read loads within your own genre and beyond it. And then write some more. Keep dreaming. Never give up on your dream. And my personal writing motto? you are allowed to write utter poo. Rough drafts are never pretty—that’s what revisions are for!

q : who are your favorite authors? favorite books?

a : I’m a fan of Iris Murdoch. I also love Ursula Le Guin. She is my favorite fantasy author–I really admire her quiet storytelling style. Megan Whalen Turner with her Queen’s Thief series and Cinda Chima’s Seven Realms series come in at a close second! I’ll read anything written by Sarah Waters and enjoy historicals by Jeannie Lin and Kate Quinn. I’ve been reading more horror and thrillers lately. Some of my favorite books include Anna Karenina, LOTR, A Fairly Honourable Defeat, Gifts, Tehanu, The Other Wind, The King of Attolia, and Tipping the Velvet. Childhood favorites include : A Little Princess, A Wrinkle in time, Dancing Shoes and Ballet Shoes.

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I support my LGBTQ friends! =)